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Frederick P. Selby, FE ‘88

As a young boy growing up in Baden-Baden, Germany, Frederick (Fritz) Selby was inspired by author Karl May’s visions of far-away places. As an adult he has explored lands surrounding the Himalayas, Africa, the Middle East, Myanmar, the Alps, and the highlands of Papua New Guinea where a remote, lengthy trail was named “The Selby Trail” after he and his group visited a here-to-fore unvisited tribe. In previous years a first ascent of a previously un-named Bhutan peak was added to the list of “firsts”.

The country of Nepal was indelibly etched in his mind when he spent three years in Kathmandu as an advisor for the U.S. State Department.  He and his staff launched new industries and Fritz journeyed to remote regions. His early Nepal experiences and 9 visits are recorded in his book Postcards from Kathmandu.

As a result of his organizing 12 treks and climbs, Selby has presented 14 lectures at the Club’s headquarters and chapter events, some given as far away as Australia. His chairmanship of the Club’s annual dinner in 1997 resulted in a long term relationship with ROLEX and a major grant from W.L. Gore (Gore-Tex).  He presented the Club with a permanent exhibition of Himalayan objects.

Exploration is a sideline for Fritz, who had a 35 year career as an investment banker, corporate executive and board member specializing in mergers, acquisitions, and financing. Among his numerous publications on business and exploration are the book “When, Why, and How to Go Public”, as well as expedition photos in The Explorers Journal, travel magazines, and books such as Trekking and The Spirit of Aspen.

Both The Explorers Club and the Appalachian Mountain Club have presented him with annual photo contest prizes.

Fritz, a New York resident, is a graduate of schools in Europe and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

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