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First Class of Women Members of The Explorers Club, 1981

Presented chronologically by election, all names are presented as written on original applications for membership.

September 19

•  Carol A. Beckwith FR’81
•  Emma L. Davis, Ph.D. FN’81
•  Sylvia A. Earle, Ph.D. FN’81
•  Rita W. Mathews, Ph.D. FN’81

October 20

•  Margaret D. Brent MN’81
•  Conda Douglas MN’81
•  Barbara Martinelli MN’81
•  Kathryn D. Sullivan, Ph.D. FN’81

November 17

•  Vera Alexander, Ph.D. FN’81
•  Vera Komarkova, Ph.D. FN’81
•  Sarah K. Myers FN’81
•  Kathleen D. Phelps FN’81
•  Anna C. Roosevelt, Ph.D. FN’81
•  D’Lynn Waldron FN’81

December 15

•  B. Elizabeth Horner, Ph.D. FN’81
•  Ingrid E. Pedersen MN’81

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