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Research Rules

It is the aim of The Explorers Club to provide researchers as much access as possible to research materials while preserving the items in its care for future generations. Access to the collections must also be balanced with the Club's legal, fiscal and administrative responsibilities.

Use of our collections is therefore governed by the following rules:


Permission to examine research collections will be granted subject to restrictions placed on the documents by donors, or on Club records by the Board of Directors or its Officers. Access is by confirmed, advance appointment made with the Curator of Research Collections.


All material from the archival collections must be studied under the supervision of the Curator. The Curator is responsible for ensuring the safe handling of materials by re¬searchers and will instruct users accordingly.


Bags, briefcases, coats, etc., may be deposited in the Coat Room upon entering the building, or in another area designated by the Curator. The Club reserves the right to inspect articles brought into the building before the researcher leaves with them. The Club’s research collections and visitors to it are monitored by closed-circuit television at all times.


Researchers consulting archives or library materials will be supervised at all times. Notes may be made with pencil and paper or on researchers’ laptop only. The use of pen or other permanent markers is forbidden. Pencils and pads are provided for researchers, as is a grounded socket.


There is no eating, gum chewing, or drinking allowed among the collections.


Permission to examine or photocopy archival or library materials does not constitute permission to quote or publish (including electronic publication).


The researcher, whether a Club Member or not, understands that he or she is solely responsible for conforming to copyright and other applicable statutes. The Explorers Club is not necessarily the owner of copyrights of art, photographs, film, documents, or archival material in its collections. Permis¬sion to publish must be obtained by the researcher from the rightful owners, The Explorers Club, and otherwise.

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Background image photography courtesy of members Christoph Baumer, Neil Laughton, Matt Harris and Don Walsh's image of the Bathyscape Trieste