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Public Lecture Series with Jim Turner - Monday, March 19

The Quest for the Lost Tomb of Chan Bahlum - Investigations at Palenque, Mexico and Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile - The ancient Maya culture of Central America has fascinated scholars and the general public alike for more than 175 years since the pioneering explorations of Catherwood and Stephens in the 1840s. With soaring temple pyramids and exquisite sculpture and hieroglyphic inscriptions, the mysteries of the Maya stimulate the imagination in ways unparalleled by most other pre-Columbian civilizations of the western hemisphere. Since his very first visit to Palenque in southern Mexico in 1995, archeologist Jim Turner has sought to plumb the depths of this enigmatic culture.

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Public Lecture Series with Josh Hammer - Monday, March 26

"The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu,” is about a team of bibliophiles who pulled off one of the great smuggling operations of all time - moving 377,000 medieval Arabic manuscripts to safety from under the noses of Al Qaeda occupiers.

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Public Lecture Series with James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti - Monday, April 2

A New Kind of Footprint: Tracking Animals with Technology - For thousands of years, tracking animals has meant following their physical traces—footprints, scat, fallen feathers. This lecture is about a new era, one in which the traces we follow are imprinted not in the earth but in the silicon of computer chips. Former National Geographic senior design editor Oliver Uberti reveals how he and geographer James Cheshire worked with scientists from around the world to turn billions of data points from individual animal journeys into a pioneering book of maps.

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Public Lecture Series with Stephen Pekar - Monday, April 9

Looking Back to Our Future: Exploring Climate Change on the Newly Named Eighth Continent, Zealandia - Geologist and paleo climatologist Dr. Stephen Pekar will discuss some of the groundbreaking discoveries on climate change, drawn from his latest expedition to the newly named eighth continent of Zealandia as well as from some his Antarctic scientific trips that have rewritten Earth’s glacial history. Last summer, Dr. Pekar was selected to be on an International Ocean Discovery Expedition, and while carrying the Explorer’s Club flag, he joined a team of thirty scientists from around the world that drilled sediments cores from six locations on and near the newly named continent of Zealandia.

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Visiting Explorer Program with Dr. Jut Wynne - Thursday, April 12

New Cave Species Discoveries and Environmental Policy Shifts in China - Join Dr. Jut Wynne as he discusses his most recent discoveries from his 2016 TEC flag expedition to Guangxi, China. Learn about the cave-adapted animals recently discovered in the tower-like limestone mountains, how villagers’ lowland farming practices have remained largely unchanged for millennia, and how environmental policy shifts will afford greater protections for cave animals and a better quality of life for people.

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Public Lecture Series with Leon McCarron - Monday, April 23

The Land Beyond: A Thousand Miles On Foot through the Heart of the Middle East - For much of the last decade, Leon McCarron has been travelling slowly to look for unheard stories in misunderstood parts of the world. After crossing the Empty Quarter desert on foot in 2013, and traversing Iran’s longest river by a variety of human-powered methods the following year, Leon developed a keen interest in the Middle East and in searching for alternative narratives from a region so often deemed to be dangerous. In December 2015, Leon set off from Jerusalem to walk 1000 miles through the heart of the Middle East. He would travel through the area that is perhaps most familiar to audiences in the West – the Holy Land.

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Public Lecture Series with David Harrison - Monday, June 18

Indigenous peoples around the world are stewards of most of the planet’s biodiversity, and also possess the greatest linguistic and cultural diversity. These three domains—Environment, Language, Culture—are critically interconnected. As entire domains of knowledge about the natural world vanish with disappearing languages, humanity’s ability to sustainably manage diverse ecosystems diminishes. Plant and animal species that are well known to local people but not yet known to science enter a twilight of extinction risk. As a Linguist and Anthropologist, David Harrison spent the last two decades working closely with indigenous communities to help sustain their languages and knowledge.

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In Memoriam - Dr. Stephen Hawking

Dear Fellow Explorers:

We join today with our colleagues in exploration, science and discovery, in mourning the loss of Dr. Stephen Hawking, a friend and supporter of The Explorers Club.

Considered by many to have been the world’s greatest living scientist, Dr. Hawking was also a noted mathematician, author and cosmologist.  As fellow cosmologist and theoretical physicist, Lawrence Krauss, said of Dr. Hawking, “a star just went out in the cosmos…we have lost an amazing human being.”  We share those most profound thoughts.

Though tethered to a wheelchair for the greater part of his life, few have led such a full life, marked with brilliance, humor and an invincibility of spirit.  We at The Explorers Club were so fortunate to have shared valuable and important moments with Dr. Hawking, as he generously contributed to two Annual Dinners.

The world has lost an extraordinary scientist, but his accomplishments shall continue to have a profound effect on us all.

Richard Wiese Elected 44th President of The Explorers Club

Dear Fellow Explorers,

It is my pleasure to share with you that our Board of Directors elected Richard Wiese the 44th President of The Explorers Club on Sunday, January 28th.

Although Richard will not officially assume the Presidency until immediately after The Explorers Club Annual Meeting on March 11th, our revised bylaws now call for election of the President at the January Board meeting to create continuity of leadership and provide time for a seamless transition of the responsibilities overseeing Club operations and administration.

As many of you know, Richard has a long and distinguished history with our organization.  He has served in many capacities over the years, including as President from 2002 to 2006, and has a deep knowledge and appreciation for our institution. Under Richard’s administration, the Club began our “Classic Series Books” which included the well-known and successful “As Told at The Explorers Club,” edited by George Plimpton.

An accomplished explorer, Richard is both executive producer and host of the award-winning and highly popular weekly PBS television series, “Born to Explore.” His outstanding professional achievements have earned him numerous awards, including two Emmys.

I’ve known Richard for a long time and there is no doubt he will bring energy, passion and skill to the role of President. I look forward to working together with him over the coming weeks to ensure a smooth and productive transition. To those of you who have not yet met Richard, we hope you will take the opportunity to do so at our upcoming ECAD weekend in March.

Please join me in congratulating Richard as we welcome him as the next President of The Explorers Club.

Epic Tales from The Explorers Club - Richard Garriott

Produced by Reflector on behalf of The Explorers Club, this Epic Tale tells the story of Club Fellow Richard Garriott and the obstacles he overcame to fulfill his dream and get to space.

“The reason why it’s a life changing event, is by watching over a period of days, this incredibly high-fidelity fire hose of information about how weather, and tectonic plate movement, and erosion by wind, and erosion by water, and the impacts of humanity, and forest fires, and pollution… how all that works, and interrelates with each other…and then, you have this life changing epiphany.

No one will tire of living in space.

It is awesome in the truest sense of the word, in every possible way.”

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