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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. Ulyana Nadia Horodyskyj - March 2nd, 2015

In Search of Black Ice: Science and Exploration in the Nepalese Himalaya - From September 2013 through June 2014, Ulyana Nadia Horodyskyj had the unique opportunity to live and work in the Nepalese Himalaya on a US Fulbright fellowship. During this time, she explored mechanisms for ice mass loss in the Himalaya. From surviving a near-drowning in a glacial river, climbing to over 6100 meters (20,000 feet) in search of samples, and losing a member of her team in the Everest avalanche, Horodyskyj will take you on a journey of discovery, exploration, hardship and heartbreak during her collection of scientific data from the Roof of the World.

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The New Humboldt-Forum in Berlin - Demonstrating Global Arts & Cultures

Named after geographer, naturalist, and explorer Alexander von Humboldt and his brother Wilhelm von Humboldt, the new Humboldt-Forum will be a unique and internationally influential center for art, culture, science and learning. Equally important will be its role in articulating global economic and ecological developments and presenting the tasks to be faced in shaping them. Wilhelm von Boddien, Business Manager of the Association Berliner Schloss e.V. in Hamburg, will provide an overview of the Humboldt- Forum project, and will also provide a brief history of Alexander von Humboldt’s role in exploration.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. William Chapman - 3/9/2014

The ancient ruins of Southeast Asia have long sparked curiosity and romance in the world’s imagination. They appear in accounts of 19th-century French explorers, as props for Indiana Jones’ adventures, and more recently as the scene of Lady Lara Croft’s fantastical battle with the forces of evil. They have been featured in National Geographic magazine and serve as backdrops for popular television travel and reality shows. Drawing from his recent book A Heritage of Ruins: The Ancient Sites of Southeast Asia and Their Conservation (2013), William Chapman will explore the varied roles these monumental remains have played in the histories of Southeast Asia’s modern nations.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series featuring Alex Chionetti - 3/16/2015

The Tayos Odyssey - Explorer Alex Chionetti has been the primary investigator and promoter of the Tayos cave system – the most extensive cave system in South America. His 30 years of work required travel into remote areas of Ecuador where natives, hostile to all outsiders, made all travel hazardous. The caves indicate use by unknown sophisticated civilizations many years ago and now house species unique to the area. His many photographic records will accompany his talk.

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Exploring Legends with Alexandra Shackleton - Monday, March 23rd, 2015

The Hon. Alexandra Shackleton succeeded her father, Lord Shackleton KG OBE PC (1911-1994), younger son of the explorer, as president of the James Caird Society. The registered charity is the only institution that exists to preserve the memory, honor the remarkable feats of discovery in the Antarctic and commend the outstanding qualities of leadership associated with the name Sir Ernest Shackleton, KCVO (l874-l922). Based in London, Ms. Shackleton has been instrumental in furthering Shackleton historic research, contributed forewords to books on Antarctic exploration and consulted on several films and TV series.

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Public Lecture Series featuring Laurence Brahm - March 23rd, 2015

Laurence Brahm, author of Fusion Economics: How Pragmatism is Changing the World will speak about his experiences traveling through Asia – specifically Bhutan, Tibet and China – and Africa working to bring economic prosperity to communities in those regions. Laurence will weave in his experience as a world-class economist, working with the Chinese government to create a national green growth policy, and crafting trade agreements between major western corporations and the Chinese government in the 1990s.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. Sas Carey - 03/30/2015

Exploring the Changing Nomadic Life: Earth, Spirit, and Medicine - Come learn how working with Mongolian nomads has changed along with their needs over the past two decades, from supporting rural health care to documenting a traditional way of life. A nurse, energy healer, and educator turned writer and documentary filmmaker, Sas Carey’s work for the past two decades has flowed from Mongolian nomads’ changing needs.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. Caitlin O'Connell - 4/6/2015

ELEPHANT DON: The Politics of a Pachyderm Posse - The lecture will cover 20+ years of Caitlin O'Connell's elephant research and specifically a new focus on male elephant society featured in her new book of the same name. The presentation will feature photos, video, sounds and data along with a discussion of the book and the long term research and recent publications that came out of the research.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series featuring Michael Jaye - 04/13/2015

Resolving the Problem of Atlantis - For nearly 200 years geologists have accepted that the Earth has had all of its water since nearly its beginning. In reality, a cosmic impact occurred approximately 13,000 years before present, and it caused “the extraordinary inundation” of the planet, as described by Plato. We will visit map images of the Atlantis canal system and note its similarity to Plato’s description, and we will discuss how a (pre-impact) warming Earth climate caused Atlanteans to modify the city’s drainage structure. We will also discuss other pre- and post-impact effects. The result is a new paradigm that affords a better understanding of Earth and human history.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. Patricia Glyn - 4/13/2015

Dawid’s Return is about a two month journey I did into the Kalahari Desert, South Africa, with an old Khomani San/Bushman and his children. Patricia Glyn visited and recorded ancient heritage sites, traditional hunting grounds, birth and death sites, and got a glimpse of what life was like for the Khomani before they were evicted from their homeland by South Africa’s apartheid regime.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series featuring Charles W. Johnson - 4/27/2015

Based on the new book "ICE SHIP: The Epic Voyages of the Polar Adventurer Fram" by Charles W. Johnson, this presentation follows the life-story of one of the most famous polar ships of all time, the Norwegian vessel Fram, active from 1892-1914. The lecture covers the ship’s conception, innovative construction, and three remarkable expeditions to both the Arctic and Antarctic, under three famous – but very different – commanders.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series featuring Shannon Galpin - 05/04/2015

Mountain to Mountain - A Journey Through Afghanistan - Shannon Galpin has worked in and explored Afghanistan throughout 19 visits in the past six years, by bicycle, motorcycle, horseback, skis, and by foot. She has created a number of projects through her non profit, Mountain2Mountain to empower women and girls. The first person to mountain bike in Afghanistan, a country that does not allow girls to ride, Shannon has pushed gender boundaries and supported projects with artists, athletes, and activists.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. William Grassie - 05/11/2015

Typically, science is taught as separate specializations, and history is divided into different time periods and geographic regions. Big History is unique in the integration of all these different specializations, periods, and regions into a single narrative account of the 13.8 billion-year history of our universe, the 4.5 billion-year evolution of our planet, the 6 million-year rise of our species, and the 10,000-year accelerating drama of human civilization. For the first time, humans now have a common story that transcends all of our ethnic, linguistic, religious, and ideological differences. The meaning of this new Big History, however, is an open question.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. Dr. George Veni - 05/18/2015

Karst—Explore the Hidden Quarter of Planet Earth - Simply the most fascinating, weirdly beautiful, and least known landscape on Earth, karst covers about 25% of the globe’s land area but few have heard of it. Fewer know what it is. Join us as Explorers Club Fellow Dr. George Veni, Executive Director of the National Cave and Karst Research Institute, will guide us through the boons and challenges of caves and karst areas around our planet—and others!

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Public Lecture Series featuring Sam Mehta - 6/1/2015

The Silk Road, often referred to as the backbone of history, was a nexus of trade routes that ran from Western China into the Middle East, through Persia and into the Mediterranean. The 5,000-mile route of the ancient Silk Road traveled through more than a dozen countries, crossing some of the most spectacular and inaccessible regions on earth. Sam will cover one of those countries in his presentation – Ancient Persia and modern Iran. He will share images of his journey along the Silk Road in Iran including Teheran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd and Persepolis.

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World’s Largest Gathering Of Explorers Coming To New York

March 20-22, 2015

The world’s largest gathering of pioneers of exploration in space, in the oceans and on land will join together at one of the world’s most famous venues for exploration—the American Museum of Natural History—on March 21 for the 111th Explorers Club Annual Dinner. The Dinner highlights a weekend that includes special events and panel discussions featuring many of the world’s most famous and distinguished explorers.

Behind-the-Scenes at The Explorers Club with Science Friday

The Explorers Club has recently been featured in a video profile by Science Friday, produced by Club Fellow Emily Driscoll. The piece features a look at the Club’s unique collection of artifacts, a tour of our historic Lowell Thomas Building, and tales of the accomplishments of our Members, all narrated by Executive Director Will Roseman. Click here to view the feature on, or read more to view the piece embedded on our site.

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