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Special event with award-winning pianist Jiacheng Xiong - Tuesday, January 22

Jiacheng Xiong is a student at the Curtis Institute of Music where he studies with Robert McDonald. Prior to entering Curtis, he attended the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music, where he was awarded eight scholarships for outstanding professional excellence. He has performed in recital in the famed Salle Cortot in Paris, and appeared on NPR’s From the Top. In 2013 he was awarded first prize in the First Korea International Competition for Young Pianists, second prize at Steinway’s Fourth Youth Competition, and in 2016 he placed third at the 8th New York International Piano Competition.

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Exploring Jainism in India, The World's Oldest Religion

Little is known about Jainism outside of its followers, and due to misinformation occurring by the lumping of Jainism in to Buddhism or Hinduism, Jainism is often confused as their cousin. Yet it is a completely singular religion separate from the former two. Explorers Club Fellow Linda Aïnouche landed in Mumbai determined to explore the universe of Jain monks, understanding how they live, and sharing hundreds of their daily rules. Until her arrival, no stranger had heretofore entered their "world". Dr. Aïnouche is an anthropologist researcher and cultural analyst, specializing in misunderstood communities.

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An Evening of Adventures in Inuit Art - Tuesday, January 29

Proudly presented by Adventure Canada and the Inuit Art Foundation - Join Alysa Procida, Executive Director of the Inuit Art Foundation for a contemporary presentation on the important role and relationship that varying art forms have in Inuit culture and how this stunning art form is received to Southern audiences. Over the past several years, the professionalization and marketing of Inuit art has changed substantially. For the past thirty years, the Inuit Art Foundation has advocated for and supported the success of Inuit artists working in all media. In this talk, the IAF’s Executive Director will broadly introduce the history of Inuit art and the role of the Inuit Art Foundation in the development of this ever-growing field.

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Public Lecture Series with Paige Williams - February 4, 2019

The Dinosaur Artist is the story of humans’ relationship with natural history and the seemingly intractable conflict between science and commerce. Its story stretches across the globe illuminating the history of fossil collecting, a popular, yet sometimes murky business, populated by eccentrics and obsessives, where the lines between poacher and hunter, collector and smuggler, enthusiast and opportunist, can easily blur.

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Public Lecture Series with Dr. Evon Hekkala of AMNH

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BBC Features The Explorers Club

We are delighted to share with you a recent in-depth look at The Explorers Club written for the BBC.

Published worldwide, the report centers on the pillars of the Club’s strategic building blocks as outlined at the last TEC Board meeting by Club President Richard Wiese - “Inspiration” and “Camaraderie.”

It discusses our mission, our focus, our extraordinary history, and our accomplished membership.

Please click here to read this impressive look at The Explorers Club as the BBC takes you inside our extraordinary headquarters building on E. 70th St. in New York.


Bill Liss
Communications Chair
Member of the Board of Directors

Milbry Polk Wins Sweeney Medal - ECAD 2019

We are proud to announce Milbry Polk FR’95 as the 2019 recipient of the prestigious Sweeney Medal. Awarded annually to a Club Member in recognition of his or her outstanding contributions to the welfare and objectives of The Explorers Club, she joins the incredible legacy of the eponymous President Edward C. Sweeney (1968).

Milbry C. Polk has served the Club as an elected Member of the Board of Directors since 2016, co-chaired multiple Annual Dinners, served as Reviews and Contributing Editor of The Explorers Journal since 1998, co-chaired multiple committees, and co-organized multiple successful Club events and programs, including our Polar Film Festival and our Young Explorers Grant program. 

New Horizons Reaches “Ultima Thule”

It is with great pride that we join in congratulating our distinguished colleague and Lowell Thomas Award Winner Dr. Alan Stern FN’17, on leading the NASA New Horizons team that directed the spacecraft first to Pluto in 2015, and then on a historic 30,000 miles-an-hour flyby of the tiny world Ultima Thule (lit. “beyond the known world”) on 1 Jan 2019.

This Kuiper Belt object is 4 billion miles beyond the Sun—the farthest flyby exploration of a planetary body in the history of space exploration. Photographs and scientific data are still coming back to Earth, unveiling the mysteries of the ancient planetesimal Ultima Thule for some 20 more months.

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