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The Legacy Society

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The Legacy Society

The Explorers Club


        The founding of The Explorers Club in 1904 began our epic history as a leader in exploration and discovery. We have witnessed the determination, endurance, ingenuity, and triumphs of extraordinary people – our Members. Through the achievements of men and women like our Members, the world has recorded this concentrated period of exploration and discovery unmatched in history.


        In 1999, The Legacy Society was created to meet the financial challenges of the future by providing a means for our Members to make tax-free charitable contributions to the Legacy Endowment Fund. Those funds will benefit the “cause of exploration” and help make our future even more notable and productive than our past.

        The Legacy Endowment Fund is an irrevocable trust. Its funds are deposited with The Fiduciary Trust Company, as Corporate Trustee, in accordance with New York State Trust Law. The principal remains in the Trust, in perpetuity, and only a small percentage of annual earning (approximately 5%) is available for distribution. Distributions from the Legacy Endowment Fund are limited to the advancement of The Explorers Club mission, namely in the areas of exploration, science, education and library and archives.

You can help ensure the fulfillment of our objectives
And the future of The Explorers Club – our Club – by joining
The Legacy Society to build our Endowment.

        The Explorers Club acknowledges those Members who make planned and/or cash gifts to the Legacy Endowment of The Explorers Club. All Donors will be recognized, unless you wish to remain anonymous. As a Member of The Legacy Society your name will be listed in The Legacy Society Roster which is published in the Club’s quarterly, The Explorers Journal, and may be listed in the Annual Report, The Explorers Club Annual Dinner Program and other publications.

        Membership in The Legacy Society is not limited to Explorers Club Members; we welcome all adventure/explorers who share our curiosity and drive to extend the limits of human experience and our understanding of the physical world.

All Members receive the 14k gold-filled Legacy Society lapel pin.
As long as there is The Explorers Club
Your name will be listed as a Member of The Legacy Society



The Legacy Society Committee

Theodore M. Siouris - Chairman
Robert J. Atwater
Brian M. Boom
August “Augie” Brown
David A. Dolan
Kay Foster      
George W. Gowen    
Scott W. Hamilton
Brian P. Hanson
Virginia Newell              
Walter P. Noonan
Prof. Mabel L. Purkerson, M.D. 
Faanya Rose

Roster of Legacy Society Members

Alan B. Albright
John G. Alexander
Robert J. Atwater
Norman L. Baker
Barbara Ballard
Robert D. Ballard, Ph.D.
Samuel B. Ballen*
Mark Gregory Bayuk
Daniel A. Bennett
Josh Bernstein
Bruce Blanchard
John R. Bockstoce, D.Phil.
Jack Aaron Boggs
Bjorn G. Bolstad*
Bruce M. Bongar, Ph.D.
Dr. Brian M. Boom
Jill Botway
Garrett R. Bowden
Lawson W. Brigham, Ph.D., Capt., USCG (ret.)
Harry Davis Brooks
Jewel Richard Browder, Lt. Col., USA*
August “Augie” Brown
John C.D. Bruno
Lee R. Bynum*
Virginia Castagnola Hunter
Julianne M. Chase, Ph.D.
James M. Chester*
Arthur W. Clark, Maj. Gen., USAF (ret.)
William Clark, Capt., USA *
Steven Cohen Ph.D. (hon.)
Leslie E. Colby*
Jonathan M. Conrad
Sandra B. Cook, MD
Catherine Nixon Cooke
S. Allen Counter, Ph.D., D.M.Sc.
Capt. Lynn D. Danaher
Constance Difede
David A. Dolan
Mr. & Mrs. James Donovan
William H. Dribben, Col., USA*
Amelia Earhart*
Sylvia A. Earle, Ph.D.
Edwin L. Ecclestone Jr.
James M. Edwards, M.D.
Lee M. Elman
Michael L. Finn
Robert L. Fisher, Ph.D.
John W. Flint*
Capt. Joel S. Fogel
Kay Foster
James M. Fowler
W. Roger Fry
Max Gallimore
Richard A. Garriott De Cayeux
Alfred C. Glassell, Jr.*
George W. Gowen
Randall A. Greene
Susan Ross Grimaldi
Jean Charles Michel Guite
Robert “Rio” Hahn
Penrose Hallowell
Allan C. Hamilton
Scott W. Hamilton
O. Winston “Bud” Hampton, Ph.D.
Brian P. Hanson
James H. Hardy, M.D.
Ira Haupt II
Judith Heath*
Robert A. Hemm
Gary D. “Doc” Hermalyn, Ed.D.
Sir Edmund P. Hillary KG, ONZ, KBE*
John Adams Hodge
Lotsie Hermann Holton
L. Ron Hubbard*
Charles B. Huestis*
Robert Edgar Hyman
J.P. Morgan Charitable Trust
Robert M. Jackson, M.D.
Theodore P. Janulis
Kenneth Kambis Ph.D.
Kenneth M. Kamler, M.D.
Prince Joli Kansil
Lorie M.L. Karnath, MBA, Ph.D. (hon)
Anthony G. Kehle III
Anne B. Keiser
Kathryn Kiplinger
Martin Klein
Thomas R. Kuhns, M.D.
Carl C. Landegger
Leon (Lee) Langan
John R. Lawrence
Robert M. Lee*
Michael S. Levin
Florence Lewisohn Trust
J. Roland Lieber
James E. Lockwood, Jr.*
Jose Loeb
John H. Loret, Ph.D., D.Sc.*
Margaret D. Lowman, Ph.D.
Michael Luzich
Daniel J. Lyons
Robert H. Malott
Leslie Mandel*
Robert E. Maroney
Michele Mass, M.D.
Robert E. McCarthy*
George E. McCown
Lorus T. Milne, Ph.D.
James M. Mitchelhill*
Arnold H. Neis
Nancy Nenow
Virginia E. Newell
Walter P. Noonan
Alan H. Nichols
Martin T. Nweeia, D.D.S.
John W. Olsen, Ph.D
Kathleen Parker
Alese & Morton Pechter
Cynthia S. Peters
William E. Phillips
Prof. Mabel L. Purkerson, M.D.
Roland R. Puton
Dimitri Rebikoff*
Mabel Dorn Reeder*
John T. Reilly, Ph.D.
Adrian Richards, Ph.D.
Bruce E. Rippeteau, Ph.D.
Merle Greene Robertson, Ph.D.*
Otto E. Roethenmund
James Beeland Rogers, Jr.
Faanya Rose
William J. Roseman
Rudy L. Ruggles, Jr.
Gene M. Rurka
Wayne J. Safro
David J. Saul, Ph.D.
Willets H. Sawyer III
A. Harvey Schreter*
Mr. Donald Segur*
Mrs. Margret Segur*
Walter Shropshire, Jr., Ph.D., M.Div.
Robert H.I. Silver
Richard T. Silver, M.D.
Theodore M. Siouris
William J.L. Sladen, M.D., D.Phil.
Susan Deborah Smilow
Mark A. Smith*
Ernest R. Sohns
Sally A. Spencer*
Ronnie & Allan Streichler
Arthur O. Sulzburger*
Vernon F. Taylor III
Mitchell Terk, M.D.
Lowell Thomas, Jr.*
C. Frederick Thompson II
James “Buddy” Thompson
Edward B. Tucker MBE*
Wendy Tucker
Edmund S. Twining III
Marc Verstraete Van de Weyer
William F. Vartorella, Ph.D., C.B.C.
Robert C. Vaughn
Ann Marks Volkwein
Alexander Wallace
Julia M. Wallace
Don Walsh, Ph.D.
Johnny Waters
Leonard A. Weakly, Jr.
William G. Wellington, Ph.D.*
James S. Westerman
Robert H. Whitby
Julius Wile*
Holly Williams
Francis A. Wodal*
Lindley Kirksey Young
Santo “Sandy” Zicaro

* denotes member is deceased


Simple Ways to Join The Explorers Club Legacy Society

We are frequently asked for simple ways to join The Explorers Club Legacy Society. Here are seven ways. While it is always a good idea to consult your accountant or lawyer, the first two methods are straight forward, the third is fairly simple, but the rest require more thought and call for professional assistance.

1.   The easiest way to join is to write a check, payable to The Explorers Club Legacy Society, in an amount not less than $1,000 and write “The Legacy Society” in the lower left corner.

2.   The next easy way is to donate appreciated shares (thereby avoiding a capital gain tax and getting a tax deduction for the current market value of the shares). Your stockbroker can assist you if shares are held in street name.

3.   Naming “The Explorers Club Legacy Society” as a beneficiary of your individual retirement account is an ideal way to support The Explorers Club because at your death, estate and income taxes due on that account may, in some cases, approach 90%. (A simple beneficiary form may be obtained from the broker, bank or other institution managing your brokerage account)

4.   Have your insurance agent write a policy on your life naming The Explorers Club Legacy Society as the owner and beneficiary, or transfer ownership of an existing policy to The Legacy Society. Annual insurance premiums thereon would be a tax-deductible expense to you.

5.   Include in your Will: “I give and bequeath to The Legacy Society of The Explorers Club, a New York not-for-profit corporation, the sum of :(a stipulated amount).

6.   More complicated, is the setting up of a charitable remainder trust (you get the income from the trust during your life and The Explorers Club Legacy Society gets the principal at your death), or setting up a charitable lead trust (which is the reverse - The Legacy Society gets the income during your life and whomsoever you name gets the principal at your death).

7.   Members who are at least 70 ½ years old may now donate up to $100,000 directly from the donor’s IRA to one or more qualified charities, such as The Legacy Society of The Explorers Club. This opportunity applies only to IRAs and not to other types of retirement plans.

Be sure to specify The Legacy Society of The Explorers Club
as Beneficiary

For information about enrolling, please contact Executive Director
Will Roseman at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
or by US Mail:
The Legacy Society of The Explorers Club
46 East 70th Street
New York, NY 10021

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