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Get your tickets now for the 2018 Lowell Thomas Awards in Boston!

Saturday, October 27

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Ticketing is now open for the 2018 Lowell Thomas Awards Dinner at the Museum of Science in Boston, MA. We are also offering a special block of discounted early-bird tickets, available to all guests before Saturday, September 1!

The Lowell Thomas Awards were first presented on the occasion of The Explorers Club’s 75th anniversary, October 17, 1980, to a group of outstanding explorers including Carl Sagan,  Isaac Asimov,  Sylvia Earle,  and Lowell Thomas himself. Since that time, the honor has been bestowed upon Buzz Aldrin, Sir Edmund Hillary,  Jim Lovell, Mae Jemison, Sir David Attenborough, Chuck Yaeger, and many more.

As a community dedicated to preserving the instinct to explore, we have always valued curiosity, determination, and ingenuity. For our 2018 Lowell Thomas Awards, we celebrate individuals who have demonstrated the skills necessary to engineer groundbreaking expeditions and expeditionary science.

Our 2018 Awardees are an incredible group, including Organismic & Evolutionary Biologist Peter Girguis, Aerospace biomedical engineer and space suit designer Dava Newman, groundbreaking Egyptologist Sarah Parcak, Principal Investigator of NASA’s New Horizons Pluto Mission Alan Stern, and Nobel prize-winning physicist Rainer Weiss.​

Held at the venerable Boston Museum of Science and featuring a weekend of events at incredible cultural institutions across the “cradle of liberty,” the 2018 Lowell Thomas Awards promises to be an event guests won’t soon forget.

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Published by : Explorers Club Staff

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