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Race Across the Antarctic

Dear Fellow Explorers:

We wanted to share with you the exciting news that Explorers Club Member Colin O’Brady MN ‘17, has just completed his 932-mile solo and unsupported journey from the “Messner Start” on the Ronne Ice Shelf on Antarctica’s eastern coast to the beginning of the Ross Ice Shelf, carrying with him Explorers Club Flag #109. As you may have read or seen, this trek was highly publicized around the world with news of its progress carried in frequent reports by leading newspapers and on major U.S. television networks.

We also salute a second explorer, Louis Rudd, who completed a similar journey just two days behind O’Brady.

These recent accomplishments allow us to reflect with great pride on the extraordinary accomplishments of Explorers Club members in polar regions. In 1997, distinguished Club Member Børge Ousland FI ‘09 of the Norway Chapter was the first to cross Antarctica solo and unsupported, from Berkner Island to McMurdo, and brought worldwide recognition to the Club.

As an important note, the exceptional accomplishments of Ousland, O’Brady and Rudd, all focus important attention on the Antarctic region and make our global audience far more aware of just how fragile it has become.

All the very best for the New Year.


Richard Wiese
The Explorers Club

Top: Self-shot photo courtesy of Colin O’Brady
Middle: Ousland Antarctic self-shot during the trek
Bottom: Ousland arrives at McMurdo

Published by : Explorers Club Staff

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